The Art of Darren Song Ng

“Life is a dream.

In a dream you are free to create anything you want.

At times you are afraid, the dream seems so real.

The consequences are overwhelming.

But deep down you know that there is nothing to lose…other than the dream itself.”

Darren Song Ng

The Emperor Tamarin

I remembered when I first saw this emperor tamarin, I couldn’t take my eyes of his whiskers. It is just too cool! Personally I think tamarins are one of the most beautiful primates in the [...]

Plum Blossom at a Wall in Osaka

Sometimes when you don’t know what to shoot at a place, let the light lead you. This was what I took when I was at Osaka Castle Park. It’s not that there is nothing beautiful around [...]

The Black Crested Bulbul

Love the crest of a bulbul bird! Just being able to catch a glimpse of this black crested bulbul makes me happy...

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