The Art of Darren Song Ng

What is Man Without Beasts?

If all the beasts were gone,
man would die from great loneliness of spirit,
For whatever happens to the beast
also happens to man.
All things are connected.
Whatever befalls the Earth
befall the sons of the Earth.

Chief Seattle of the Suquamish & Duwamish, 1855

Face of a Palm Cockatoo

First post of the year! Hope everyone had a great start in the new year. For myself, I had to take some time off all the postings, just to give myself a much-needed break. Starting the year off [...]

The Bearded Barbet

I specifically went to track down this bearded barbet a couple of days ago. Took me some time to spot this beautiful bird. I was lucky to squeeze a few shots and then decided it wasn’t [...]

The Treasure Flower Gazania Rigens

What better way than to sent the colors of white in the form of a treasure flower for the season greetings. Sending out all the love, peace and joy to all my readers and friends and wishing [...]

The Red and White Fantail Goldfish

This beautiful red and white fantail goldfish is photographed at the Goldfish Treasures in Ocean Park Hong Kong. There are like hundreds of sparkling goldfish housed here. Personally I have never [...]

Portrait of a Southern White Rhinoceros

Have you heard of a Northern White Rhinoceros? It would be really rare to see one because there are only three left in the world. They are on the brink of extinction, a highly possible event in [...]

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