The Art of Darren Song Ng

What is Man Without Beasts?

If all the beasts were gone,
man would die from great loneliness of spirit,
For whatever happens to the beast
also happens to man.
All things are connected.
Whatever befalls the Earth
befall the sons of the Earth.

Chief Seattle of the Suquamish & Duwamish, 1855

Sunset over Osaka City II

This capture was one of my most surprising moments in Osaka. I said surprising because I did not expect the sunset to turn out this way. The skies were pretty cloudy when I was there and I [...]

The Mysterious Blue Flower

I am really bad at naming or actually finding the names of flowers, thus I named this the mysterious blue flower. It is nice to not know anything about the flower and just look at it. Absorb its [...]

Aggression of the Proboscis Monkey

Just took this frame last couple of days ago where I actually witness the aggression of a proboscis monkey. Having observed them for a while, this was the first time I ever saw one got angry...

Morning Rays at Pasir Ris Park Singapore

Love the early morning light, especially when the sun rays burst through the foliage of the woods. This was taken at Pasir Ris Park in Singapore, a place I frequent a bit since it is one of the [...]

Portrait of a Blue bellied Roller

When something is so beautiful that it strikes you with awe, there are really no words to say. How are you able to say anything when you are frozen with wonder? There is only silence, awareness [...]

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