Aggression of the Proboscis Monkey

 In Fauna

Just took this frame last couple of days ago where I actually witness the aggression of a proboscis monkey. Having observed them for a while, this was the first time I ever saw one got angry. I admit I got startled a little when he took a jump and slammed himself against a tree.

Animals are wild at heart. If there are any living beings closest to nature, I guess it would be them. The thing that separates us is the mind, in the way that we use it differently. Animals are always rooted in the moment, they embrace their emotions in an immediate way. We on the other hand seems to be emotional because of our mind. We think our way into anger, sadness, happiness and everywhere in-between. It always seem to stem from desires, from a preconceived idea that something must happen the way we want it to. That is why we can always carry our prejudice for a long time.

Maybe because of these differences, it is quite rare for me to see an angry proboscis monkey. They display their emotions in the spur of the moment. The next minute it seems like nothing ever happened.

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