Face of a Palm Cockatoo

First post of the year! Hope everyone had a great start in the new year. For myself, I had to take some time off all the postings, just to give myself a much-needed break. Starting the year off [...]


The Bearded Barbet

I specifically went to track down this bearded barbet a couple of days ago. Took me some time to spot this beautiful bird. I was lucky to squeeze a few shots and then decided it wasn’t [...]


Portrait of a Scarlet Macaw

What is it if not for the miracle of love that a scarlet macaw can inherit all these wondrous colors from nature. I have heard a story: A powerful prince, chance upon a unique seabird that seems [...]


Portrait of a Blue bellied Roller

When something is so beautiful that it strikes you with awe, there are really no words to say. How are you able to say anything when you are frozen with wonder? There is only silence, awareness [...]


The Australasian Swamphen

Spotted this beautiful swamphen when I was hiking in Western Australia. I guess the number one thing I love about Australia is the beautiful natural landscapes and all its inhabitants. The birds [...]


The Black Crested Bulbul

Love the crest of a bulbul bird! Just being able to catch a glimpse of this black crested bulbul makes me happy...