Under the Bridge in Sumida Park Tokyo

This frame was taken at Sumida Park in Tokyo. I do miss the cool climate from Japan sometimes, especially when accompanied by the cherry blossom season. I used to say how I wish that Singapore [...]


Sunset over Osaka City II

This capture was one of my most surprising moments in Osaka. I said surprising because I did not expect the sunset to turn out this way. The skies were pretty cloudy when I was there and I [...]


Framing the Fuji Television Building

Sometimes when we reach the crossroads in life, we wonder why we are stuck. Getting stuck is not the problem, reaching the crossroads in the first place is the problem...


Godzilla at Kabukicho Shinjuku

Finally had time to sit down in my studio to go through the images of my recent Tokyo trip. Sharing a street scene of Kabukicho, which happens to be the red light district in Tokyo...


Auberge Discovery Bay Hong Kong

It is kind of weird that we don't really think much of a place while we are there, but then when we come back and look at the pictures...hey that place isn't that bad. It is quite beautiful actually...


Aqua Luna Red Sail Junk Boat Hong Kong

This is a shot taken of a famous junk boat at the Victoria Harbour overlooking the beautiful skyline of Hong Kong. I will be returning for a visit to Hong Kong this weekend...

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