The Red and White Fantail Goldfish

This beautiful red and white fantail goldfish is photographed at the Goldfish Treasures in Ocean Park Hong Kong. There are like hundreds of sparkling goldfish housed here. Personally I have never [...]


Portrait of a Southern White Rhinoceros

Have you heard of a Northern White Rhinoceros? It would be really rare to see one because there are only three left in the world. They are on the brink of extinction, a highly possible event in [...]


Communion of the White Tigers

These two white tigers have always been my favorite. Sadly they are no longer around. I used to spent a lot of time photographing them, and I always thought that I could come back and take a [...]


Aggression of the Proboscis Monkey

Just took this frame last couple of days ago where I actually witness the aggression of a proboscis monkey. Having observed them for a while, this was the first time I ever saw one got angry...


The Emperor Tamarin

I remembered when I first saw this emperor tamarin, I couldn’t take my eyes of his whiskers. It is just too cool! Personally I think tamarins are one of the most beautiful primates in the [...]


Connection with the Ornate Horned Frog

This is the Ornate horned frog, also known as the Pacman frog because they will try to eat anything that they can fit into their mouth...