Connection with the Purple Orchid

If you take a lot of photos and you run out of ideas of what subjects to capture, look around and allow the flowers to speak to you...


Core of the Red Tulip

Photography is very much like life in that we always tend to focus on the big events. The little parts that make up the big event often goes unnoticed. Why wouldn’t it be, since the [...]


The Striking Clematis Andromeda

Just went down recently to Tulipmania 2017 at the Gardens by the Bay for some flora shots. What's cool is that this year theme and flower arrangements are modeled after the works of my favorite [...]


The Luminescence of Yellow Tulips

A man who was taking a train for the first time, wanted to save some money on a train ticket. Since he opt not to pay for luggage space, he decided it was a good idea to carry the luggage on his [...]


The Common Daisies

You cannot fake passion. Passion presents itself in the way you act, feel and see. It is a manifestation of your life energy, it is you...


Lure of the Black-Eyed Susan Flower

What is the most difficult thing in photography? I feel that ultimately it all boils down to vision. The hardest thing is to be able to discern beauty among the chaos out in the world...