The Treasure Flower Gazania Rigens

What better way than to sent the colors of white in the form of a treasure flower for the season greetings. Sending out all the love, peace and joy to all my readers and friends and wishing [...]


The Mysterious Blue Flower

I am really bad at naming or actually finding the names of flowers, thus I named this the mysterious blue flower. It is nice to not know anything about the flower and just look at it. Absorb its [...]


Globe Thistle Veitchs Blue in Frankfurt

It is amazing how once you start to take notice of flowers, it is hard to miss them again. They keep on calling you to share their joy and their bloom. I would have never thought to stop and look [...]


Plum Blossom at a Wall in Osaka

Sometimes when you don’t know what to shoot at a place, let the light lead you. This was what I took when I was at Osaka Castle Park. It’s not that there is nothing beautiful around [...]


Connection with the Purple Orchid

If you take a lot of photos and you run out of ideas of what subjects to capture, look around and allow the flowers to speak to you...


Core of the Red Tulip

Photography is very much like life in that we always tend to focus on the big events. The little parts that make up the big event often goes unnoticed. Why wouldn’t it be, since the [...]