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First post of the year! Hope everyone had a great start in the new year. For myself, I had to take some time off all the postings, just to give myself a much-needed break.

Starting the year off with a recent frame taken of a palm cockatoo. Totally love the colors of all the amazing parrots in our world. Sadly a lot of the parrot species are becoming endangered. In Australia, palm cockatoos were relisted in 2015 from Near Threatened to Vulnerable.

Recently I was thinking about how all of us are differentiating ourselves by trying to be different. We want our looks to stand out by adopting different fashion styles, owning unique ornaments such as watches and jewelry. If we can afford it, we want to own one of a kind cars that is different from what others are driving. We want people to treat us differently, with top of the line services reserved for VIPs. We want to live in a mansion or apartment that stands out from the crowd, just so it reflects our status. You know how it feels when you see someone wearing exactly the same clothes as you on the streets.

The thing is how can you try to be different when you are already different.

There is not another person that is like you, ever, in the whole of existence.

There is really no need to prove that you are different by the mindless pursuit of things and status. You can’t hold on to it forever and you have to lose it all eventually.

It is nice to own things and respect, but it does not make you who you are. You are who you are.

You can reclaim much energy back into your life if you understand all these senseless pursuits. All those reclaimed energy will then allow you to more effectively blossom your unique nature. It is only through your uniqueness that you can become alive, and hence, different.

Blossom your being my friends and be that unique person you are meant to be.

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