Face of an Elephant

 In Fauna

“The elephants created this jungle. Where they made furrows with their tusks the rivers ran. Where they blew their trunks the leaves fell. They made all that belongs: the mountains, the trees, the birds in the trees.”

Jungle Book, Walt Disney Studios

Love the part of the scene called “Show Them Respect” in the movie version of The Jungle Book, where Mowgli and Bagheera bows down to show their reverence for the elephant herd. I felt that it has successfully captured the majestic feel of the elephants.

Majestic is the feeling I get when I come up against these magnificent giants. The bigger they are, the larger the impact.

Despite being huge, the small details on the hide of an elephant or even a rhinoceros is amazing. What’s more amazing is that you will not find the exact same patterns or lines from another elephant. Each of them are unique and that is what makes nature’s creation so marvelous.

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