Portrait of a Scarlet Macaw

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What is it if not for the miracle of love that a scarlet macaw can inherit all these wondrous colors from nature.

I have heard a story:

A powerful prince, chance upon a unique seabird that seems to have flown from across the oceans to his land. Having not seen anything like it, he thinks it must be a blessing from the gods for this special bird to visit his land. He immediately ask his men to capture the bird so that he can offer royal treatment to the bird as an esteemed guest.

For days and nights, great feast were offered to the bird. The court jester performed and dance. The best musicians from around the world were hired to sing. It was such a grand celebration. People came in droves to pray and worship the bird.

Within days, the bird fell dead in the cage.

The prince was devastated and he couldn’t understand why.

Music is such a lovely thing for us but the people’s song killed the bird. A bird is a bird and the people treated her as if she is human. At the end the prince didn’t care what the bird needs but rather what he wants for the bird.

This is what is happening all around us. Every human being is unique and yet society is making everybody the same since the industrial age. We study the same things and take the same tests. We work the same jobs like everyone else. We imitate people who we believe are successful without questioning whether it is meant for us. If we don’t follow the status quo, we are seen as rebellious.

All the well-meaning people around didn’t know any better and yet they are telling you what you should do. The truth is that they are telling you what they like you to do and it has nothing to do with you. Once your mind and body falls into the vicious cycle of looking for answers elsewhere, the soul becomes crushed. The heart goes unfulfilled because purpose and meaning doesn’t come from within you.

The people caged the bird and killed it with their music…the sad part is they don’t know why the bird died.

If you love someone, give them the freedom to be themselves. Help them nurture their innate talents and let them live a fulfilling life. That is all that we can really do.

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