Portrait of a Southern White Rhinoceros

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Have you heard of a Northern White Rhinoceros? It would be really rare to see one because there are only three left in the world. They are on the brink of extinction, a highly possible event in our lifetime. The three now lives in Kenya and are protected by armed guards 24/7.

Do you know that an adult rhinoceros have no real predators in the wild, other than humans? Poachers kill them mainly for their horns which are used in traditional medicine. The people who spread the ideas of a rhino horn as a medicine must be insane, they might as well chew their own fingernails and hair since they are the same thing. A rhino horn only consists of keratin which is similar to human hair and nails.

I was watching Nat Geo Wild the other day. I am truly touched and amazed by the people working in conservation to restore the balance of nature all around the world. They don’t have to do it but they choose to do it. Some even dedicate their whole lives in preserving what they believe in. There are people in New Zealand trying to restore and protect the population of endangered kiwi birds. There are even people whose jobs are to capture and relocate crocodiles, so that they don’t upset the ecological balance in each area.

Hopefully more people can awaken to protect this wonderful world of ours.

As the animals go, so shall we.

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