Saffron Finch among the Greens

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Since I took up photography, a big part of me have always been attracted to the fauna and flora of our world. It actually came as a surprise for me because when I first started, I was only interested in photos of landscapes and locations. Somehow during my photography journey, I seem to be taking pictures of as many species of flowers, animals and birds that I can find.

Birds are especially fascinating for me. When you think you have seen them all, around the corner comes another unique species. The colors and variety of the birds in our world is mind-blowing.

One of the main reasons I started this blog is so that I can inspire you to truly see the natural world. In a world where we keep repeating our daily grind, it is so easy to lose our zest. The more gloomy you are, the lesser energy you have. The lesser the energy, the more difficult it is to realize that the miracle of life is everywhere. If you cannot see the miracle in nature, you cannot see the miracle that you are.

Nothing in life comes easy. It takes time and effort. Imagine what it takes for a seed to sprout into a tree and for it to weather through the years? Some trees that are still standing today are thousands of years old!

Birds do not take flight the moment they hatch. Even before they hatch, they have to go through incubation. They are protected and kept warm for days to weeks. After they hatch, they need to be fed until they develop their flight feathers and can learn to fly.

In a way we are the same. Look at how much protection and nurturing a child needs to become a fine young man or woman. Each individual becomes so precious that it is a miracle in itself.

Learning to appreciate the beauty in nature, you will learn to respect life.

Learning to respect life, you will learn to respect yourself and others.

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