Sunset over Osaka City II

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This capture was one of my most surprising moments in Osaka. I said surprising because I did not expect the sunset to turn out this way. The skies were pretty cloudy when I was there and I wasn’t even expecting to see the sun. Just minutes later, this beautiful beam of light erupted from among the clouds. The contrast is so beautiful as the city is still shrouded in darkness from the cover of the clouds.

In photography, if you put in the time to research and plan, most likely you can increase the odds of getting an epic shot. It is like working your way towards being at the right place and the right time. That is the path for people trying to get awards. For me I prefer not knowing what I am going to get. I prefer the synchronicity way. You just get to the place and see what turns out, and you make the best effort in capturing something that is beautiful to you. If the light is not right, you can always capture something else or you can wait. I love surprises this way and it makes photography so much more fun rather than stressing for that one shot.

Life is about exploring, and you don’t really explore when you think you already know what you are going to get.

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