The Bearded Barbet

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I specifically went to track down this bearded barbet a couple of days ago. Took me some time to spot this beautiful bird. I was lucky to squeeze a few shots and then decided it wasn’t close enough. While swapping to a longer lens, he flew away and was not to be found again. Sometimes opportunities just strike once and if you miss the moment, it is gone. Somehow bird photography always seems to remind me of that.

Time flies. We are at the last day of the year again. Remember every end is a new beginning my friends. Embrace the moment and all opportunities that comes with it. The moment is where all decisions can be made, not after. If you live in the moment, you make decisions instinctively and immediately. There are no right or wrong decisions, there is only the best decision one can make at that moment due to the circumstances.

Enjoy your countdown celebration tonight and hereby wishing you a Happy New Year! May 2018 bring you a lot of wonderful and spirited blessings!

See you next year!



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