The Black Crested Bulbul

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Love the crest of a bulbul bird! Just being able to catch a glimpse of this black crested bulbul makes me happy. It reminds me of a song in the movie Moana, where it says about being happy right where you are. That really is the best choice that you can make in any moment, life is too short to think otherwise.

In photography, I love the thrill of searching for birds. You just don’t know what you are going to find. You have to be fully aware or you will miss what is going on around you. All that intent makes you come alive. Time fades away. Thinking stops. All that remains is the attention on capturing the most beautiful moment one can find.

This stopping of the mind, this gap, even for a short while, is all you need to revitalize yourself.

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  • Ann Kennedy

    What an interesting bird and beautifully captured! I adore watching the birds and I like your description of what happens when we do so. They are very industrious in most everything they do. At this time of the year where I live, they are very busy eating and preparing for colder temperatures and I watch them out my kitchen window and they remind me to get busy! Your blog is lovely, Darran, as always.

    • Darren Song Ng

      Many thanks for your supportive words as always dear Ann, it means a lot! Isn’t it just amazing that you can watch the birds while in the kitchen! 🙂

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