Beyond Petite France Korea

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The little prince pointing out to the beautiful landscapes beyond Petite France Korea in the Gyeonggi Province. This is such a famous tourist attraction that I guess that thousands or maybe millions of photos have been taken from this place. This is the first photo I have taken from this place though since it was the first time I am here. From a general point of view, it is nothing special since so many photos have already been taken here. It is special to me, simply because it was the first time I am here with my loved ones. It is a moment in time that cannot be erased from my memory.

Photography is symbolic. It means different things to different people. This is where the intrinsic value of photography is at.

Imagine you have a Grandma that takes care of you lovingly her whole life. One day when she passed on, she hands you her handkerchief. You kept it with you all the time. People must be wondering why you are so attached to a mass-produced handkerchief. You could have just easily bought a same one anywhere. To others, it is just another handkerchief. To you, it is the only handkerchief. It cannot be replaced. It is not about the thing, it is about the meaning behind the thing. In a way, people are not attached to things, they are attached to the meaning behind the things. That thing becomes a symbol that only people who are connected through similar experiences can see.

To truly enjoy photography, one learns to open his or her eyes to the symbolism of the image. If it is just another picture to you, you have missed the point. Then all pictures will look the same to you. All moments of your life will look the same. Sameness will serve no value to you whatsoever simply because wonder is lost.

A child is full and overflowing because he has the eyes of wonder. Everything is fresh and new and his head is not yet filled with the meanings imposed by others. He sees things as they are and he figures out the meaning behind everything. With wonder comes curiosity and freedom. He sees things in so many ways. Once you are fixed, you only see it one way.

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