Bloom of the Red Petals

 In Flora

As usual, I have problems identifying the flowers that I find. These red petals with white edges look like a species of tulips, but I know they are not tulips. Their leaves are different…well I have given up looking for their names. Let’s just enjoy them for what they are.

Talking about leaves, who looks at them anyway? They take a back seat especially when the flowers are taking the center stage, but the leaves and the stems and everything surrounding the flowers is equally important. They complete the flowers. Without any of them, the flowers cannot be.

As it is with life, we only look at shiny things and forget about everything that makes things shine. Every soul that shines is surrounded by unglamorous supportive elements. Nobody is successful all the time in their endeavors, there is always sweat and tears trailing not far behind.

Everything we do have polar opposites, it is how we can differentiate between success and failure. They are both sides of the same coin. The problem we have is that we only want to look at one side—the side that we think is glorious. We loathe all the so-called failures. Little did we realize that it is all these failures that lead to our glory.

If we are aware, life always reminds us. Each day we have to enter into the dark of the night, just so we can see the light in the morning. Nobody wants to crawl through the darkness because it is arduous. We cannot see in the dark and we cannot predict anything. This helplessness makes us naked, but baring the soul is a necessity—it is what completes us at the end of the journey.

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