Bodhisattvas Offerings to the Big Buddha Lantau Island

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Miss the tranquility of Lantau Island Hong Kong and will be revisiting the place again next month. It is truly a place of serenity, especially when there is not much crowd. This will be the first time I am traveling there with my son, hopefully it will inspire him to get more in tune with nature. It is difficult to get away from the crowd sometimes, especially if you live in a bustling city. I always feel that it is good to be grounded, to experience silence while being surrounded by nature. It is the best kind of healing and rejuvenation that I know of since I was a child.

If you can remain silent and just be with nature. You can arrive at a peaceful meditative state. In zen, it is refer to as being choiceless. It is especially easy if the place is truly immersive and spectacular. When you are in awe, all thoughts fade away and you just breathe and take in the moment.

I don’t remember since when we start to believe that we have choices as a human being. There are too many probabilities that can happen in any given moment which is beyond our comprehension. In some ways we can initiate something but mostly we only get to choose our actions as reactions. However it is enlightening to discover the zen philosophy of choiceless living. It is said that if you choose something, you will have to give up choosing the other thing. This will always lead to regrets in life because deep within, you will always wonder about the what if. What if I chose something else? Will my life be drastically different then?

This ongoing choosing and not choosing is the cause of all the turmoil within, which leads to an unfulfilled life. The truth is there is only reality, whether you choose this or that, you can never win what reality brings. We did not choose this life, we did not choose death, and yet it happens. Questioning these happenings is futile. There is no answers to why I am here, how did I get here and why must I leave. There is only the happenings, whatever is right here, right now.

By not choosing, you choose everything.

Being choiceless means you choose existence itself. You allow yourself to live through existence and for existence to live through you. It is not easy because it takes a lot of trust. Trusting that everything will turn out the way it is supposed to turn out. No questions asked, just all out living, all out acceptance. No judgement between good and bad, just pure acceptance of what is, reflecting life like a mirror.

It might feel like one becomes passive to life. On the contrary, one becomes fully aware and live intensely in the moment with no clinging to the past and future. How can one regret anything then, since one lives every moment to its greatest potential by accepting the totality of what is there.

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