Changi Beach Sunset

 In Landscapes

When we look at something beautiful, such as a sunset, a part of us realize that there is something more in life beyond the responsibilities that society have on us. There are so many roles we play that we don’t see past our jobs, career, family and relationships. Being a human is tough and keeping score as a successful human being in the eyes of society is even tougher. There are just so much demands that are imposed on us, even for a child.

When you walk alone and look at something beautiful, especially in nature, there is a realization that nature is all about giving. It is a gift because there are no demands made on you, you just soak up all the warmth and beauty that the light brings.

It is simple. Innocent even.

You know that you can hold on to nothing, so why cling?

There will come a time that all will be given back.

The only thing we can do is just to bask in the moment, for the seed of eternity lies in each moment.

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