Charm of the Spotted Wood Owl

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Learning is an on-going process. There is no end to it. No matter how many birds I see, there will always be a new species to learn about around the corner.

I prefer to exchange the word “learning” for “experiencing”. Experiencing is the essence of life and it is through experiences that we learn. When one learns to be aware, every single experience is new. If every experience is fresh and unique, it means that we are learning all the time. If we are learning all the time, it won’t be possible that we will reach a state where we know it all.

To err is human. There is no such thing as perfection. The most we can do is do our best and not repeat the mistakes we have made.

When we were children, we always thought that adults knew everything. We follow their rules believing that they knew what is best for us. As adults, we realize that everyone is still trying to figure things out. No one knows what life is all about.

As a father, I am always trying my best to nurture my child. There are times when I just lose it and flared my temper. I always feel bad after scolding my child although I believe that some form of discipline is always necessary. The main reason I felt bad is that those angry moments could have been used for loving moments instead. I would rather spend those moments hugging and kissing him. I do not claim to know everything about being a father because it is my first time being one. Putting myself in my child’s shoes, I don’t expect him to be perfect too because it is also his first time being my child.

We will always be learning and figuring things out because it is the first time any of us are learning to be human. Adding to the complexity of things, all of us live unique lives that are different from each other. How then will there ever be a template for living the perfect life? The only way to live is to live according to your template.

You can manage a business with your mind but a well-lived life is always through the directions from your heart. Let your heart be the guidance in creating your life template and you will know what you should do.

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