Cherry Blossoms Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

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I was lucky to witness the sakura bloom during my last visit to Tokyo. I wasn’t expecting to see the cherry blossoms as I was there earlier than the Hanami forecast date. Although it would have been nice if the place was in full bloom, I am contented with just a few trees blooming. They are absolutely beautiful, especially when you see it in Japan.

Having dedicated a big part of my life to studying art and always trying to be an artist of some sorts, I settled into doing photography. Sometimes I do question my motive for choosing this form of art over the others. Having experienced various fields from illustration, painting, sculpturing, computer graphics and animation to photography, I would say that photography requires the least talent. Although it doesn’t take a lot of skills to learn the camera, it takes maturity to see.

Personally, there is one thing that makes photography special to me. Suppose there is a god or a creator that manifest everything we see in the world. I mean everything we see must have come from somewhere, but we don’t know who, what or where this mysterious creator is. Whatever it is, all our creativity is based upon what it creates. We don’t know anything that is beyond this creation. We then add our imagination and our own spin on something that the creator creates and we try to make our art original.

Is it really original if it is based off something that already exists in our world? For people who study design, they know that form follows function. We cannot just slap anything onto the design and make something out of this world. It might be original but it would be unbelievable because the design makes no sense and will not work as intended. Hence when I was studying character design for the gaming industry, I still need to study and understand anatomy. It is only when you understand the foundation, then you can create something new base upon the fundamentals of how things work.

So a lot of creativity endeavors are a study of what is out there in the real world and replicating it by adding our own interpretation. Sometimes it works and other times it falls apart because what we create might not be convincing or realistic. It is painstakingly hard to master the skills just so you can draw a realistic portrait. It may even take years of practice and talent, just so you can replicate nature’s creation onto a single sheet of paper. Even then something might still be off, because it is never the original.

What about those original ideas that we have when we incorporate it into our art? If you believe that there is a creator which creates everything, that means it must have created you and everything you encompass. That includes your ideas and thoughts.

Is everything we think and do then truly original?

Photography is special because I feel that it is the medium that bring us closest to the source of creation. It is the closest representation of the true form of beauty in the world. It shows the form as it is and becomes a record of the creator’s work.

Originality doesn’t repeat itself, in photography no two frames are ever the same.

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