Core of the White Orchid

 In Flora

As artists or photographers, we always strive to go for the big pictures. It must be epic or bold or at least give a powerful impact. We scale mountains or cross grand landscapes and travel to exotic places, just so that we can capture the next big thing. In life, the pace of everyone is the same. We are always chasing after grand dreams, looking only at the big picture. Little did we know that in the process, we miss all the smaller things in life that often has the most significance.

The things we miss, the smiles, the laughter, the little triumph over challenges each day. It’s these little things that make up the threads of our lives. All these little things combine into what we call the big picture. If you just look at the end, you will never truly experience the moments of your life. Not experiencing life is a life wasted.

I am also guilty of it in my photography work and so I often take time out to look at the smaller things.

That is how flowers came to be a revelation for me.

There is so much significance and meaning in such a little thing. If you can just slow down and see, they will reveal to you the secrets of life.

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