Endangered Leaves

 In Flora

Who would have thought that even leaves can become endangered? These endangered leaves that I have captured here are said to be already extinct in the wild. Sometimes even the smallest things that we think are in abundance, are just a moment away from disappearing forever.

Each moment we have in our lives is also an extinct moment. A moment that can only be spent and not saved. We have grown to be insensitive about the little things in our moments, not realizing that it is all these small things that make up our lives. One day all these moments will also disappear forever. It is like we have never existed, forgotten in memory in the whole of existence.

Truth is a bitter pill to swallow and that is why most people avoid the truth. It is easier to live in lies and deceit. Living as if one can live forever and think that the world revolves around us. We built an ego so big and wonder where all these sufferings and pain come from when the truth hits.

One of the fundamental truth is this—death is truer than life. Nothing in life is guaranteed but death is certain. Something that is certain, we avoid it like the plague. We would rather talk about illusionary things and live in dreams. The dreams need not be true as long as it is soothing and that is how we live—blinded and unaware, walking and sleeping.

It is only by seeking and acknowledging the truth that one can truly live. Only by knowing death, then can one know life. Truth favors the courageous. Knowing what matters is the pre-requisite to living a fully-realized life.

What will you do when you know that whatever you do doesn’t really matter in the long run? That one day you will be forgotten in existence? How will you change your approach to life when you prune away all the unnecessary and channel all your energy on what matters instead?

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