Entering the Arabian Coast of DisneySea

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This is one of the most epic scene I have seen. When the warm light of the sunset shines across the Arabian Coast of Disneysea Tokyo, Japan, the scene is truly out of this world. It is the stuff of dreams and can only be realized through imagination.

I often wonder, what makes something epic? When we say something is epic, do we mean to say that something is bigger than life? It is definitely not something that we experience or see everyday. It is just a description. Of course, there can be nothing bigger than life.

There is no purpose to life.

Life itself is the purpose.

Let that sink for a moment.

We ask if there is a meaning to life or whether there is a purpose. There cannot be a purpose because if there is a purpose, that means whatever purpose you choose will be greater than life itself. Without life there can be no purpose.

Feel, breathe, live.

Know that whatever you are doing in life is already serving the purpose.

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