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I am always attracted to fabulous light in my work especially natural light from the sun. I was so lucky and captivated by the god rays that shone through the openings of these walls in the Cloud Forest of the Gardens by the Bay that I have to attempt to capture this moment. I am so glad that the result turns out great. When I took the shot I was wondering if my camera was able to capture the shafts of light and the dynamic range of the scene, I was greatly surprised and impressed that it turns out well.

Such is the beauty of combining nature and technology.

Such is the beauty of energy and its creation.

When we first came into this world and open our eyes for the first time, it must have been an incredible experience where everything is so new and unfamiliar. For most people, it will be our parents whom we will first meet. Slowly and surely we will start noticing all the unfamiliar scenes with all the other unfamiliar things.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla

It was all so beautiful and at the same time overwhelming because we were shrouded in darkness when we were conceived, so we cried and cried, feeling so insecure in this unfamiliar territory. Wow where did all these creations come from? One moment it was nothing, and the next moment everything manifested itself into our sights.

The world is so alive and vivid, it is hard to imagine that what is so real can be at the same time unreal. When I talk about it being unreal, I meant that everything you see in your awareness when broken down into its simplest form is energy. It consists of vibrating atoms with each sub-particle made of protons, neutrons and electrons. These we were taught in school but for most of us we didn’t really take it seriously. Well, at least for me I didn’t think it mattered at that time.

In order to make sense of the universe, shouldn’t we start looking first at the foundation of its origin?

What are the basic ingredients that makes up all our human experiences? What are emotions and why does it constantly torment us through cycles of up and downs? For most people, one minute we are joyful and the next moment we can spiral down to stress, loneliness and depression. It is hard to imagine but all these are just simply energy. Energy that are derived from our thoughts.

What is even more amazing and fascinating is that all these things, people, plants, animals or even inanimate objects such as tables and chairs are made up of the same building blocks. The only difference in our make-up is in the rate of vibration between these particles as derived from Albert Einstein with his famous formula of E=mc². It is even said that if we are to travel at the speed of light, we will disappear and become formless, like light itself.

Science has always been trying to discover the source of our origin and even today the search for answers continues as the smaller the particle unit of matter is discovered, the more questions it proposes. Rather than getting too technical into physics, I didn’t care much about the answers because as time goes by, more discovery will be made and the questions and answers will continue in a never-ending cycle. What is more important is that why are we trying to discover the source of all creation and how it relates to our lives?

Every thought has a seed within to cause it to become your so-called reality.

If we presuppose that we are all made of the same stuff in our simplest form, this deduction means two important things.

Firstly we are all vibrating atoms and we all originates from the same source of creation. As the mass particles get smaller and smaller, the lesser and lesser the differences we have between us. At the core of our being, there is a same source that exists within us. What we do to others, we do it to ourselves. This is known as the one consciousness of the planet where everything is connected in our world and the universal truth of cause and effect is always in motion. For every action that we take or do not take, it has an effect on the world.

Secondly, if everything is energy then the world must be conceived from thoughts because thought is energy. Everything we see in this world is conceived and created by something that must be highly intelligent and the source of all these creations is what we termed as God, Tao or any names you like to call it, they refer to the same thing. So if it is thoughts that creates the world then how you think is how you create your own world because every thought has a seed within to cause it to become your so-called reality.

Energy also includes frequency and vibration.

Have you heard people saying that the person gives a bad or good vibe? It is usually just a casual remark but sometimes our intuition can be sensitive enough to have a general feeling about a place or person because energy lingers and that is like itself attracts to itself. You cannot receive the same channel from your radio if you are tuned into another frequency.

What this means is that to see a change in your world, you have to change your thoughts in terms of your frequency and vibrations to attract that which you wish to experience in the world. Changing our thoughts and holding it in a certain direction by itself requires a lot of energy. It is like a car that has been pushed by centrifugal force, it doesn’t want to change direction so easily but if it slows down and come to a stop, it will be easier to change direction after that. Realizing that we have a mind and we are not the mind makes all the difference. That is the beginning of being conscious. By creating a space between ourselves and our mind, we can create the opportunity for the mind to come to a stop and thus change directions.

We have a choice to rise above the mind and realized this. It is either we drive the mind or let outside forces drive our mind for us and it will be certain that if we are unconsciously driven, we are bound not to reach the destination we envision it to be.

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