Face of a Raccoon

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Oh my! A raccoon! Like a child, I feel so excited since I don’t get to see one very often.

If you do a search on raccoon cartoon characters, you will find lots of cute interpretation of this highly intelligent and curious animal. Although they look cute and awesome to me especially with their bandit mask, they are often seen as a pest. They won’t seem as cute if they are foraging your garbage bin, trying to eat your birds at the bird feeder, or just destroying your gardens and causing structural damage. There is a reason they are stereotyped as a thief or trickster, their famous black mask is used in stories for centuries.

Of course they are innocent, they don’t know any better. The only difference is that whether they are affecting you in your experiences. Like I mentioned in the last post, it is about the symbolism of the image; it is all about what you see.

I still don’t deny their masks look rather cool. It is what makes them, them. Actually a raccoon’s mask is not just for show, it aids them to see better in the dark.

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