Face of an Alligator Gar Fish

 In Fauna

There are many types of fish that look fierce. This alligator gar fish is one of them. Despite their menacing look, attacks against humans from them are relatively unknown. Regardless, no matter how scary they look, they are still prey to bigger fishes and alligators.

I feel that sometimes it is so easy to judge a book by its cover. Assumptions are the forte of the mind. We just look at the surface and disregard the multiple dimensions that make up a human being. Every individual has their own unique story that makes them who they are, but all we see is the face. It is like a good book wasted just on the merits of its cover.

It is true that what a person thinks on the inside, he expresses it on the outside. There are always subtle cues in an expression that gives a person away, something that he or she has no control over. In this regard, what you see is what you get. The gut feeling is more accurate in noticing these cues but not many people see things as it really is. Where we fail is that we use the mind to see with all its judgment and prejudice. We assume without really seeing reality.

People are usually quick to give their impressions of someone without knowing them. Sometimes the person with the most threatening face can also be the gentlest and kindest.

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