Face of an Elephant II

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Elephants are magnificent and powerful creatures. Despite being strong, agile and powerful, it is said that an elephant can be constrained with just a very small chain fastened onto a wooden peg in the ground. How did that happened? Shouldn’t it be easy for them to just break the chain with ease?

The elephants are conditioned. All it needs is to start the conditioning when they are still a baby. You don’t even need a chain to do it, you just need a small rope tied to their ankle. When the baby elephant realizes it hurts just by trying to break free from the rope, he will eventually give up and accept the constraints. Now even as he grows into a strong and powerful animal, he stills subconsciously remembers that he is unable to break free from the chain.

That is the nature of the mind.

It always tries to remember the past and predicts the future. It never ever looks at the present moment where the truth unfolds. Only awareness functions at the present moment, it is all there is.

All of us have chains tied to our ankles. Some more than others. These chains are not affixed to anything substantial, it is our choice to simply drop them if we choose to.

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