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“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that means whatever you consider as beautiful is a result of how you see the world. The more beautiful you are on the inside, the more you can find beautiful things to appreciate on the outside.

I first caught hold of this beautiful bird when I was in Perth for the first time recently. What is amazing is that beautiful birds like that are everywhere! It felt like we are all sharing the same spaces in the city and there are no separation between man and nature. Whenever I travel I am attracted mostly to the wildlife and the trees of the various places. It might sound weird that I am attracted to trees but I noticed that the greatest impression a place gives me is demarcated by the type of trees growing in that area. Every place has their own distinctive trees although most people will overlook the trees but it is subtly completing the whole image and impression of a place. This applies to the wildlife too. Due to different climate and conditions, different wildlife thrives in different places. Even common birds like pigeons and crows looks different in different places, the ones in Australia is huge in comparison to Asian ones.

Part of the fun of traveling to me is to notice these little elements that makes a place different and how it affects me emotionally. There are places that makes me feel so close to home, so close to earth and there are places that feels cold and lonely. Even though it is cold and lonely doesn’t necessarily makes it a bad place, it is just different. It is all these various experiences that crafts our preferences in life and what we are attracted to. I am just happy to observe the various colors of nature in my travels for now.

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