Flight of Swans Singapore Botanical Gardens

 In Ornamentation

Wishing everyone a Happy 2019! Sharing a frame of a bronze sculpture called the Flight of Swans in the Singapore Botanical Gardens to start off the year. This cast is the creation of Mr Eng Siak Loy, who also happens to be the designer of Singapore’s coins and stamps. Personally, I think this is the representative landmark of Swan Lake in the botanical gardens. Hopefully the energy of this magnificent piece can spur you towards your endeavors.

It always feel conflicting when reaching the end of the year. On one hand, time flies so fast and before we know it, it vanishes. On the other hand, we can’t help but look forward to a fresh start. Life is short, we don’t really know how many fresh start we can have. What I know is that the only true things are moments, present moments. Time is a man-made device. Since we cannot predict our own life-span, time does not mean the same thing for each of us. The only thing in common is that we share the same space in each moment. Every day can be a new year’s day or we can decide that we call it new year after 365 days or about 8766 hours later.

The best way I have found to live life is to live each moment with full awareness. Be so aware that you do your best in being yourself each moment, so there can be no regrets. You never regret the moments where you played really hard, laughed with all your being and poured out so much love to the people you care about. In the end, you knew you did your best and you wouldn’t change it for anything. Having a life well-lived is all that we can do. Regrets only come when we are unaware—unaware of the things we can do in each moment when the need arises. There are some things that when the opportunity passes, we can never do anything about it again.

I wish for you then, my dear friends, that everyday is like a new year. Every moment should be fresh, so that you can see clearly and act with your heart. Less redundant thinking and more action from the source of your being. You will always be remembered for what you have done, not what you did not do.

Enjoy your fresh moments with gratitude and blessings will definitely come your way.

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