Following Our Blissfulness

 In Fauna

It is interesting that when we think we know something, we stop seeing the wonder of the miracle that it is.

Depending on which part of the world we live in, we start to lose interest in the mundane stuff that we see everyday. We fail to see that what we see everyday and have taken for granted is something that someone else might not have the luxury of experiencing and seeing.

In the city that I am from, sheep are a rare sight. We don’t even get to see one in the local zoo and actually I don’t even think I have seen one in my whole life.

Farms are a thing of the past in a modern city.

I feel like a child when I first see these sheep at paradise country in Australia. These are such wonderful and fascinating creatures.

It is these experiences that I yearn for, to be able to witness the miracles of creation on our mother Earth.

In a flock of sheep, the one that wanders off on its own path is bound to be at risk as predators tend to target those that strays from the herd. The herd is usually led by someone or something, it might not even know where it is going and thus the blind will lead the blind and they might all end up in a greater risk. It is like how a herd of fish ends up being hunted and eaten by dolphins; when the fishes thought that there is safety in numbers by pooling together.

“If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.”

Henry David Thoreau

Thus the greater risk for us is the risk of not following our own paths. If the desired outcome in our lives doesn’t go well, we could end up full of regrets; because we have just lost the one and only chance of taking the adventure that we were meant to take.

The herd mentality is very prevailing in our society. If we are aware, we will notice that individual thoughts is not something that is encouraged. Obedience is the morally accepted attitude for it is the more rewarding attitude in the short-term. It is like expecting an instruction booklet that tells us to follow the steps rather than figuring things out for ourselves.

Our world is filled with commercials that wants you to buy everything and be everything except yourself. Everything is programmed in such a way that it hypnotize you to be obedient and prevents individual thoughts. This dulls the senses in the long run. Its purpose is to instill a false sense of security and comfort that prevents one from awakening and figuring out their true purpose in life.

What good is this one life when the story is already written and planned for us and we are just expected to follow through? What is the point if we can already see the ending without even taking the path? Is it enjoyable to be just a person that doesn’t create and merely consumes everything?

If we are to notice the sources from where we consume our daily information, we will find that most of the stuff we read in the newspaper, hear from the news or simply from casual gossips between people contains information that are dominantly negative.

The egoistic mind craves for information like these because it loves drama and finds it entertaining. If the news are that of a peaceful world, it would be, well… peaceful, empty and boring.

When enough of these negative information enters our mind, how can we end up not suffering and thinking that the world is a disaster?

If we are to take a step back and be aware of how we learn things, we will realized that there are two types of sources.

One source doesn’t allow you to control what it feeds into your mind and the other source gives you the choice to decide on what type of content you want.

Watching mindless TV channels for example, you just consume and accept what is being fed to you based on the arrangement of what others have planned for you in their schedule. Yes, it might seem like you can always switch channels to the programs you want; but you are still being passive in picking what is available. You can’t skip all the commercials and by just having a glimpse, it is imprinted in your mind.

News are of the same category, by browsing you would have already been exposed to most of the suffering and drama of our world.

Sometimes all it takes for a change is to use sources of your choosing wisely. You can always input a search term on the web for something you are interested in. You can always select precisely the movie you want to watch. The difference is in you choosing the content and not letting others choose it for you.

The world is not all doom and gloom. There are beautiful things to be found.

There is a miracle in nature. Every living thing in the world has a purpose. It is so intelligently created that nature will always strive to support balance. The sun not only provides light to the world but it gives it life. The light is harnessed by the trees to give us the air we need to survive. The carnivores are created to curb the population of the herbivores; so that they would not destroy the earth by consuming the rain forest at an alarming rate.

All living beings other than humans knows their purpose instinctively and they do not question their paths.

They follow the drumbeat that they hear.

Life can be really simple. It is so simple in fact that all we need to do is just to follow our own blissfulness. If we could just follow our heart irregardless of how illogical it may sound and have the courage to pursue it, everything will change.

Human beings are slightly different in that we are given this extraordinary mind which is a blessing and a curse. Our mind allows us the ability to analyze and make choices. This is of great benefits if used properly. A tree cannot just decide that it is bored and tired of being rooted in one place and decides to take off.

Our minds give us our greatest gift, the gift of free will.

The curse is that the mind is also easily corrupted and controlled. The mind likes to think in logical terms. Anything that seems logical based on the belief of an individual has a chance to sway that person in all different directions, apart from the one he or she imagined. The greatest tragedy is when one’s free will is no longer there; what is worst is that we are not even aware that the free will is being taken away.

Life can be really simple. It is so simple in fact that all we need to do is just to follow our own blissfulness. If we could just follow our heart irregardless of how illogical it may sound and have the courage to pursue it, everything will change.

Be aware that there is only one chance to play the game of life. Live consciously and create your own meaning in every moment.

To change the quality of our lives, the simple thing to do is just to do the things that we enjoy. If we are sleeping at the moment and we no longer enjoy the sleep, we wake up. There will be a time when we want to sleep again then we sleep. If we no longer enjoy the food we are munching on, we stop. If we no longer enjoy the activities we are doing in the moment, we let it go.

It is difficult for most people but not you—you are not a herd, you know what you want.

Life waits for no one, following your blissfulness is the only way to be truly awakened and joyful.

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