Fragrance of the Pink Rose

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Once again, time flies and we are nearing the end of the year. There is a verse that I would like to share. It applies not only at the end of the year, it applies to every single day.

This is forty-fourth verse of the Tao Te Ching:

If you look to others for fulfillment,
you will never truly be fulfilled.
If your happiness depends on money,
you will never be happy with yourself.


Be content with what you have;
rejoice in the way things are.
When you realize there is nothing lacking,
the whole world belongs to you.


Lao Tzu

Life is truly about gratitude. No matter what circumstances one finds himself in, there is always something to be grateful for. It is just that the desires of the mind cloud most of us that we cannot see with our own eyes. There is always someone, somewhere in the world that wishes for the life you have.

It might be easier said than done but even when we have nothing, we still have this life. As long as we are standing, there is always a chance, an opportunity. If we keep looking at the nothing then there is nothing we can do to change things around. The life energies that is supporting us though, is surely something. That sight, the breath, the heart that pumps bloods into our veins. This body that allows us to move through the world and to create, they are the most basic things that we can be grateful for. These are the things that are there, yet we don’t usually take notice. We don’t notice those things that are fine, we take it for granted until the day we lose it.

Every one of us is a miracle. Nobody can clone another human being, much less create a unique whole lifetime experience that cater to each of us.

So the question is, do you smell the pink rose? Or are you more concern about the thorns?

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