Haze at the Marina Bay

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Woken up to a familiar burnt smell this morning. First things first, check the PSI. Okay, confirmed it is the haze season again. How I wish we had winter instead of this.

Today’s photo was taken last year during one of the worst haze period. I hope that this time round it is not going to be like this. Not only does it make for colorless photography, but getting out to shoot and breathing in all those air is just a little too much for me.

I did ponder about something though. If there are so many people on the planet and we are always trying to improve and solve problems, shouldn’t the air get fresher? Since air is one of the major components of life, not caring about the air quality speak volumes about our attitude towards life.

We talk about success, having this and that, acquiring things that create comfort and yet something so simple and free is often ignored—until we run out of it I guess.

One of the worst ways to end life is through suffocation, and imagine the kind of world we will be leaving for future generations.

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