James Bond Island Limestone Formation

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“Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next.”

Gilda Radner

Changes to the Blog

Sharing a landscape capture of the Khao Phing Kan island in Phuket, which is also known as James Bond Island because it was featured in two James Bond movies.

The reason why I chose this photo for the post is because it was one of those places that had a huge impact on me. It changed the way I saw the world and further my love for photography. It was great to reminisce that moment, recollect my thoughts and to share a little announcement on some changes to the blog.

I took this image about four years ago when I was still very new to photography and I even had a metal print of it hanging on my walls. It is not one of my stronger pieces and the light wasn’t that great, but the important thing is that the moment meant something to me. It was the first time my wife and me were together on a raft. Being together with your loved one and seeing the place for the first time, while floating on the water makes it a truly magical experience. We were also there to celebrate my birthday on a simple, quiet, getaway to nature for just the both of us.

On the Raft at James Bond Island.

Two years later we had a joyful addition to the family. Building this project, dealing with life and fathering my child was anything but easy. I have always admired bloggers and photographers who are able to take care of multiple children and yet build a successful blog. Since I only have so much time in a day, the first thing that took a hit was my writing. I just couldn’t write as much as I wanted to.

I have so much I wanted to share with my readers here, as there is nothing more important than to spread the message of living consciously for a meaningful life and for the love of our planet. The only way that the world can change for the better is not through trying to fix things. The more we fix, the worse it becomes. The only way is for people to awaken to their authentic self and slowly transformation will take place because people are aware at their core of how precious life is.

I have always been an advocate for simplicity. I found that the greatest reward in life often comes from the simplest of things. In order to keep my life to the essentials and refocus on my priorities, I have decided to make things even simpler on the blog by just focusing on sharing and working on my art.

I mentioned earlier this year that I am always going with the flow and DLJ would always be a reflection of that. Hopefully this change would allow me to channel more of my energy on creating more images for you. What this means is that there will be lesser words, and more pictures. I would prefer to let my images do most of the talking and get out and explore the world more often. Hopefully this will allow me to capture more of our beautiful world and bring my art further.

Thank you once again for those of you that follow my work, especially since my G+ page has garnered over 642 million views as of now. I am still wondering how it all happened, and I am grateful that my images can be enjoyed by all of you. I hope that the shift in my focus would allow me to publish more often here and on my social channels.

Be inspired by love, by beauty, by life my friends.

Take good care.

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