Life is but a Dream

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I have always loved theme parks no matter how old I am. It never fails to make me feel like a child again.

When I was a child, I was really poor. I could only dream of visiting Disneyland much less being able to go visit one. Now I am really grateful for the chance of reliving my childhood dreams as an adult.

There is really something magical in theme parks—the attention to details, the sound, the music and the sights are really out of this world.

If I am a child now, I would have literally believed that these magical places do exists in the world with all the awesome characters that we get to see in the movies.

I regretted not taking up photography much earlier as I missed all the shots I could have taken in the various Disneyland that I have visited. Luckily we have Universal Studios nearby and I can relive the dreams again anytime I want.

Row Row Row your boat, Gently down the stream, Merrily merrily merrily merrily, Life is but a dream.

“Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living.”

Anais Nin

It is interesting how a nursery rhyme has such profound lyrics. I guess at some point in life as a child, we might have really understood the meaning of the song.

There was once when we couldn’t differentiate between dreams and reality.

I still remember that I love excursions as a child, it felt like a dream to visit new places such as the zoo or theme parks. The only sad part is when the place had to close due to operating hours, therefore the dreams came to an end.

Life is like a long excursion.

There was a time when we began life with wonders in our hearts, everything we experience feels so new and exciting. We dreamed and imagined what adventures life would bring. We would love to play through life and before we know it, there will come a time when the theme park of our life closes. When all of this comes to an end, life is truly but a dream.

What if life is really just a very long dream?

Sometimes it seemed so real when we sleep and dream at night. We act out our roles in the dream because it is so believable; we can even feel it physically as our body jerks into wakefulness.

The only reason we knew it was a dream was because we woke up from it. How can we tell which is real and which is not? What if the dream world is real and our physical life is a lie? What if after our life is done, we wake up and realized everything was a dream?

These dreams contain so much stories. These stories are made up by our experiences. Others might not need to know our stories, what is important is that we owe it to ourselves to create the most amazing experiences in our lives. At the end of our trip, we will have to leave everything behind, all the drama, the people, the things, the career, the ego, everything has to be let go. The story is done.

Living from the realization that life is a dream is a very powerful thing. Just like in our sleep, we can be and do anything. When the boundaries of our minds are shattered, we are free to truly live.

With this freedom, how many of us actually ask ourselves what is left and what is really significant when we reach the end of our story?

If you have the answer to that, you are among the very few people who are living a conscious life. A life of conscious decision, action and purpose. You know the what and why of everything you are doing in each moment: you are a being whose blissfulness and joy are woven into the very fabric of everyday life, a being who has awaken and come alive, a being that is no longer sleepwalking through the precious moments that he or she has.

If we can be a new person every moment depending on the reality that is required at the moment, we can become free from dogma.

I have came across two schools of people. One believes that life has no meaning and the other believes that you create your own meaning.

An awakened individual is able to spontaneously create his meaning in each moment and at every turn because he understands that life is a dream. If we harbor no preconceived thoughts of who we are and the accumulated principles of the mind between what is right and wrong, we can act like a mirror that reflects each moment with the reality of what is.

This allows us the freedom of resetting our character all the time. We become unpredictable just like the nature around us. We would then start to see and embrace the beauty of changes around us rather than fearing it. Remember the only thing that does not changes is change itself.

Every morning we have a chance of resetting, of becoming a new person. Who we are yesterday does not mean that we have to be who we are today.

Our body and cells are changing all the time. By the time we reached the stage of being in our aged old body, it would have seemed that we have lived many lives because we are always experiencing—a different moment, a different body, a different mind and ultimately a different consciousness level.

If we can be a new person every moment depending on the reality that is required at the moment, we can become free from dogma. We can then truly experience our inner-most being and really see the miracles happening around us.

By experiencing that much beauty in each moment, it is inevitable that the meaning of our lives will arise.

If life is but a dream, what do we want to make out of it?

There is always a second, third, fourth chance…we never stop creating who we are according to our nature. The only thing we can do is to treasure the moments in the dream before it comes to an end.

There is a saying that we are eternal souls and we never truly dies. One day when everything comes to an end, we will wake up and discover the true self that we are.

Therefore dream well my friends and shape your destiny according to the visions of your higher consciousness.

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