Navigating the Waters of Phang Nga Bay Phuket Thailand

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This was the first time I actually canoe with my wife into a bat cave at Phang Nga Bay Phuket. I love traveling because of all these first time experiences.

Someone once told me that since he had already saw a destination on TV, he had already seen the place, there is no point in actually going there. He had totally miss the point. Knowing about a place and seeing it on TV or in the magazines doesn’t mean that you experienced it. Seeing something in your mind and being there is two very different things. Even the experiences changes when you are visiting a same place twice, the moments will never be the same. The people and the weather changes. Buildings that were once there might be gone, replaced by something new. Even the fauna and flora that appears in the scene will be different.

A lot of people miss just because the memories are always the same and yet they fail to see the ever-changing landscape in front of them.

Life in essence is like traveling. It is about experiencing. Do not dull yourself by only looking at your thoughts. It is a whole wide world out there for you to explore and experience.

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