Overlooking Tokyo City

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Standing high above and looking down at Tokyo city, you can’t help but be meditative. Each life is so precious and yet we are so small in the grand scheme of things.

Meditative is described as the act of thinking very deeply about something, or involving serious thoughts or study. My own understanding of the meditative state is quite different. It is more like total awareness. You cannot be aware if you are deep in thoughts. It is a state of no-mind where you take in everything in the present moment with no bias. It is the feeling when time stops, and you are standing in awe of something you cannot imagine. That greatness of the moment causes all thoughts to cease.

I read about an interesting story discussing the difference between a meditative and a non-meditative man. Two man jump from atop a high building. The non-meditative man took the leap, whoosh and splat. The meditative man jumps and midway through the flight, he can snap his fingers and tell himself, “So far so good!”

We are already dying since the day we are born. The difference between people is the quality of living. Quality doesn’t mean your possessions, it is about how alive you are in each moment.

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