Paphiopedilum Lady Slipper Orchid

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I have wanted to photograph the lady slipper orchids for some time now. Orchids are one of my most favorite species of flowers and this genus of orchids are truly enchanting. Before I found this orchid, I was more concerned about the conservation status of animals. Little did I know that a lot of plants are also becoming extinct. Some of the species of Paphiopedilum are already critically endangered because of habitat loss and over-picking. Even certain leaves that I have photographed recently are already extinct in the wild.

I have always been curious about creation. I mean where does all these stuff come from? It just seems that everything appear magically from thin air. If we are able to appreciate the miracle of creation, we can see all the beauty of life with open eyes. Isn’t it amazing that all the information is contained in the DNA of the seed and the flower follows and grow into its form? It is similar to how a child inherits the looks and characteristics of his or her parents. There are certain information existing that are invisible and yet create everything we see in the world.

Sometimes it might seem like we know everything, and yet we know nothing.

There is a difference between creation and the created. What we can see are already created but we don’t know the source of where it came from. We can have scientists try to decipher each and everything but we are limited in studying the things that are already existing. We can analyze and dissect form but we cannot understand the formless.

The formless is life itself and life itself is the miracle of creation. It is the very source that animates us and all the living things in the world.

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