Pink Perfection of a Rose

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Sending love to everyone on Valentine’s day with this pink rose flower. Traditionally red roses are more suitable for Valentine’s day as they signify love and romance. It is the age-old way of saying “I love you”. Pink roses are a little more subtle. Pink roses can also symbolize love but more importantly they also represent admiration, appreciation and gratitude.

Personally I have always been baffled by “special” occasions. It is irrelevant to me that special acts must be done on special days to show that you care. Maybe I am just not a romantic. Love, appreciation and gratitude is not something that you can do in a day and call it quits. It is something that you do each day that builds up over time. Sending flowers one day out of 365 days a year is not very convincing.

Rather than going out with a big bang on Valentine’s day, simple acts that shows your care, love and concern each day is more precious. For people who are in love, the simple act of just being together or having a meal is sometimes enough. The simplest things can often be the most touching and if you do it often enough, they will form the most precious memories of your life.

To love someone is not a sprint, it is more like a marathon.

I wish for you that what you do on Valentine’s day for your loved ones, you can also do it in each day of your life.

Love, appreciate and be grateful for the people you care about, for nothing is more precious than that.

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