Rattling of the Rattlesnake

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People say I am unrealistic. What do we mean when we say a person is realistic or unrealistic? It is considered realistic only when it seems to appeal to our logic. Illogical things that are beyond our comprehension, we call that unrealistic. There are a lot of things that I do that are beyond logic, hence, unrealistic. If I were only to do things that I think are logical, I wouldn’t have chosen the path of an artist.

Arguments arise because of logic. It is two parties trying to prove to one another who is correct based on their knowledge. The supporting argument is usually based on something that happened in the past or some kind of prediction towards the future. Mostly, it is just borrowed knowledge from someone or somewhere else that has no direct correlation with one’s experience.

It is hard for a person of logic to accept things that are unknowable. Everything has to be proven. We cannot prove or explain love, but love is. Even the most logical person cannot deny the fact that he or she has fallen in love. Love is something so intangible that everyone just accepts that it is there and yet no logic can deduce what it actually is. It is something far greater than our mind, our logic. It is so great that I feel that it the only thing that holds the world together.

There is no sense in love. Only the people we love the most can hurt us the most. We experience the greatest joy and the deepest suffering through love and yet as illogical as it may seem, we still choose to dive all in. Why is that so? It happens because, through love, we find our meaning in life. One of the main differences between animals and us is that we care about meaning. We can be considered one of the most comfortable generation in history and yet all these richness cannot conquer the emptiness inside us without meaning.

The basics of survival are simple. As long as we can eat and sleep, we can survive. What is life then if all we do is just eat and defecate. We stuff our bodies and we empty it day in day out. We might be comfortable but what is the point? Do we continue to do this until death comes knocking? Logically this is what most people are doing, to survive and get comfortable. Until one discovers love then one starts to really live and inevitably, becomes illogical in his or her actions. Therein something greater than oneself happens—meaning and purpose follow as a result.

Following your heart is never logical, it can never be. The heart operates from instinct and the present moment. If compared to the past and the future, it can be contradicting, hence it never follows a straight path. It is risky, but it opens up your eyes to see the world in a new light.

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