Reaching Trees at Yanchep National Park

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We usually get hyped up in the beginning of any endeavours. We are so full of energy that it seems like we can take on the world. Anything is possible. We listened to successful people who have done it and they said it’s hard but it’s not impossible. They themselves are the evidence of success. The thing is, listening to people talking is the easiest thing in the world. When you do it yourself, you realized you don’t fully know the extent of the “hard” they are talking about. It is much harder than you think. It is even harder for you because you are not them.

If you look at moments in time, there is never the same moment. Nothing happens exactly the same way twice. They might look similar but they are still different. The events of a person’s success is attributed to so many conditions that it is impossible to replicate. What one does might work for him, but it probably doesn’t work for you. We live in different circumstances, we come from different backgrounds and are brought up differently. Our strength and weaknesses varies so much. It is impossible to have exactly the same conditions as the other. It becomes a downward spiral if you try to be that someone you are not. Yet everyone is trying to be someone else and that is the reason it is so hard.

These two trees that I found in Yanchep National Park looks similar, yet both of them are different. Each have different starting points and are branching out in their own separate paths. They are both finding their natural way just so they can survive and flourish.

They remind me that there are only two decisions we can make each day. We can live the day happily or miserably. The tone we set for ourselves will affect our whole day. These days will turn into weeks, months and it becomes your whole life. To be happy or miserable is different for everyone. Our definition of happiness is different. Know yourself and you will come to know your happiness. When you are able to choose happiness over misery everyday, that to me is the basic definition of success.

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