Shine of the Sunflower

 In Flora

Sunflowers are definitely on the top list of my favorite flowers. It is weird though that other than at the florists, I don’t get to see them anywhere in Singapore. The only sunflower spot I can find is actually at the Sunflower Garden inside Singapore Changi Airport. The difficult part is that you need to be traveling to get access to the garden because it is in the transit lounge. That makes it impossible for me to get to enjoy a wild sunflower as and when I want. After some research, I think maybe the reason we don’t get to see wild sunflowers here is due to their tendency to spread rapidly and become invasive.

Nevertheless, imagine my excitement when Gardens by the Bay decide to host a sunflower surprise event here. Hence this picture was made. I framed it in a way to remind us of all the wonderful sunrise that happens each day. For without, life wouldn’t exist on the planet.

The sun does not discriminate, it doesn’t care who you are and it supports your life nonetheless. It is the closest symbol to true love that you can find.

It is said that the sun is still young but there will come a time when it burns out. Till then, we all owe our life experiences to the sun. This little sunflower reminds me of all these. If anything, the sunflower speaks the language of love and gratitude.

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