Silence is Golden

 In Landscapes

It is difficult to drag yourself out of bed, carry a bunch of gears and travel a distance in the cold of the night just so you can watch the sun rise especially when you sleep in late all the time. The thing is every time I do this and especially when rewarded with a beautiful sunrise, I never regretted any moments of it.

These moments of solitude has a grounding effect on me. It brings me down to earth. Doing it often creates a sense of peace not found amidst the chaos of the day when the volume of the world tunes up. It is a space where you get to accompany yourself, the most important person in your life, the person that you see everyday but didn’t get a chance to know.

These solitary moments gradually builds a relationship with the self. When you become at ease with yourself, the two sides of you will gradually merge and you become one; become whole again and you can finally drop the self altogether. What follows is the appearance of this amazing blend of colors in front of you. There is chaos in the place especially when the low tide reveals what is hidden underneath and yet within the chaos, there is peace. It is but both sides of the same spectrum. It doesn’t really matter that it is fleeting—all things are. It is just that we get to see beauty of the scene for what it is, without judgement, before the moment fades away.

Dawn is beautiful. Start the day right and the rest will fall into place.

There is a saying that the universe consists of only atoms and space, the rest are just opinions.

“Silence is a source of Great Strength.”

Lao Tzu


In a world where people are competing for attention all the time, it is very easy to lose one’s voice when it is constantly drowned by others and sometimes this little voice is all that really matters in your life.

This little voice is very soft, it takes a little effort to be able to hear it but not when it is really noisy and loud on the outside. Some people call this gut feeling or the sixth sense; a sense that is beyond our five senses because we can’t really explain it beyond logic. There are people who are sensitive enough to be guided by this voice and if they heed the call, they will be on purpose with their lives.

It wasn’t so long ago when I love a life of loudness. I enjoyed catching up with friends where we can barely hear each other in the bar with loud thumping music; being in the crowd where if there are a lot of people, it must be interesting; proving my worth in the corporate world by standing tall and being loud of my capabilities. There is no other way to get noticed swimming in an ocean of people trying to do the same.

These days I realized how foolish it all seemed and on the contrary, it takes more strength to remain quiet, silent. We are so eager to prove ourselves that sometimes spurting out stuff from our mouth seemed more natural than saying something that really matters.

I have heard a story: there was once a lion that went hungry for many days, he was ecstatic when he chanced upon a bull grazing on the grass. Despite whatever strength he has left, he hunted and killed the bull and managed to have the feast of his life. He was so satisfied and proud of his work that he let out a big roar, alerting a group of poachers nearby, he was shot.

The moral of the story is, if your mouth is so full of bull, it is better to shut up.

Silence is nothing and yet it encompasses everything.

The expression of ‘speech is silver; silence is golden’ is really profound and beautiful. The best things in life arises out of the depth of silence. It is like how a string of musical note arises from the pauses of silence in-between to form a grand symphony.

The way to hear your own voice is to silent the chatter of your mind. The mind is loud, the heart is soft but the guidance is always there, in-built in us. When we follow the noise of the world, there are moments when we doubt what we do. Is this the right choice? Is this what I really want? Realize that when you ask those questions, you are not hearing your own voice and the further you are disconnected with the voice within, the more miserable you become. It is but only a natural outcome.

There is beauty in waking up early and watching the dawn of the day. Before the sun rises, there is this moment of beautiful colors when the ray of lights first hit the horizon, known to photographers as the magic hour. It is amazing what you will see when the world sleeps. In that moment there is only silence and light. It is one of the most beautiful things you can witness wherever you are. When you lose yourself in the beautiful light of dawn, you cease becoming and you become one with nature—you become that which is.

It is beautiful that so little can give you so much—silence is nothing and yet it encompasses everything.

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