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Life is only complicated if we focus too much on our desires. We unnecessarily make our lives miserable by thinking that desires are all there is to live a successful life. We know nothing much apart from our dreams, ambitions, and wants. It is greed that drives us, for without greed we would all be happy with what we have.

Life can be blissful and a lot simpler than we think. All we can really do something about and love are the things we currently have in our lives. We keep thinking about the things we do not have and realized a bit too late when we lose what we do have. The irony lies in trying to accumulating things and losing it. The experience of really cherishing and staying with something is never there. It is much simpler and more worthwhile to concentrate on what comes into our lives rather than chasing after illusions in dreams. What we have right now is a reality, what we dream of is illusionary.

Sometimes dreams can be so real. Sometimes the only way to know that it is a dream is to wake up to it. If one doesn’t wake up, one has no point of comparison between what is real and what is not. Who knows, there might be a possibility that eventually we will wake up from this life as well and realized that it is also another dream. Till then, the only reality we have is this moment.

This moment the house you stay in, the people you stay with, the vehicle you drive or ride, your loved ones, your spouse, your child, they are all as real as it gets. Your mind can live wherever it wants, your body is always rooted in the reality of this moment.

If you open your eyes, whatever you have right now, is always a gift. No matter how insignificant it might seem. We came into this world empty-handed, any gift is always a great blessing. If you are aware, you might realize sometimes or most of the time you don’t get to choose these gifts. They are bestowed upon you. You might think that all that you have is a result of your doing. There are so many variables in life that it just cannot happen the way you want things to happen solely based on your desires and actions. If it works like that, we would have been able to choose our parents from the start.

To live a fulfilling life, keep things simple. Compare less, understand gratitude more. Love and cherish the people and things in your life—they won’t be there forever.

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