Sun Sets over Gold Coast Australia

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I haven’t posted a cityscape shot in a while. Pictured here is a sunset moment taken while I was traveling in Gold Coast Australia. My most memorable moments in photography, other than spotting new fauna and flora species, are chasing sunrises and sunsets. Nothing excites me more than wanting to see how the magical light of the sun affects the new places I am visiting.

Part of what makes the experiences memorable is that it can be quite challenging to come across a beautiful sunset. Those beautiful lights are never guaranteed. Photographing sunsets are easier than sunrises especially if you are not familiar with the location. It is much easier to scout for a good location during the afternoon than waking up super early and grope in the dark. Good weather predictability is also harder in the morning hours. Although it is harder to photograph sunrises, there are many perks to do the morning shot especially if you already know the location well. There is always something magical about the morning light when most of the people are still asleep. It always feels energizing and fresh to witness the break of dawn than to experience the end of the day. There are also lesser people there to clutter the scene you are trying to capture.

When you have expectations in photography, it always gets a little stressful. You put in the time, effort and resources to travel and plan for getting great shots and things beyond your control tend to give you something unexpected. All those wasted time, effort and money can be quite taxing. I have learned it the hard way to just let go, relax and enjoy the location. When you learn to relax, nothing is ever wasted. You welcome stormy and moody weather as they can be as beautiful as a sunset moment. A colorless and cloudy sky can also reveal the most beautiful soft shadows. It is always a joy to see new sights in new lights if you are prepared to accept whatever comes your way.

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