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It takes time to create. It takes just a second to press delete. All things that are worthwhile take a considerable amount of time to create and grow. Destruction of these things takes much less time and effort. If there is anything unfair in the world, it would be this difference between creation and destruction.

There is a thousand-year-old giant redwood tree known as Luna. Imagine what it takes to grow and live for a millennium from a single small seed. All it takes is a chainsaw to end it’s existence and there are attempts from loggers to do just that. A thousand years versus a single moment.

You are who you are because of years of nurturing. Growing from a child to an adult is no easy feat in itself. Yet human life is so vulnerable, we can leave the world in so many ways.

Recently through the news media, anticipation has been high for World War 3. If World War 3 is to happen, the main difference between this and the past wars is nuclear warfare. Leaders have been boasting about how powerful they are with their nuclear capabilities. It is mentioned in Wikipedia that “such a conflict has been hypothesized to result in human extinction.” It takes just one insane man to initiate a nuclear attack not only on their enemies but on the world and existence itself. Destroying everything that has came before, things that are there even before the existence of man. What happened to leaving the place better than we have found it? What gives us the authority to destroy that which we did not create? Our so-called intelligence? Humans, the most intelligent species on the planet, and yet capable of the worse destruction one can think of.

On the other hand, there are various groups of people working tirelessly to save species from going extinct. There are people doing their best in saving koalas from the Australian bushfires. There are people silently saving and protecting kiwi birds in New Zealand. Another group of armed rangers is protecting the last male northern white rhino round the clock.

When does one fully realize that life is short and precious?

Creation is out of love. There is nothing left at the end out of destruction. It is just an easier thing to do.

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