The Chill Orangutan

 In Fauna

In a world where hustling is the norm, is chilling out just plain laziness?

There are days when I feel like simply doing nothing, but there is always this nagging feeling that I should not waste my life away. After all, time spent doing nothing is time that you will never get back. There are also some days when I feel that I am doing nothing and yet I am doing all those things that I find relaxing. It is like doing something and yet achieving nothing at the same time. Fact is we are always doing something even though it seems like doing nothing.

The difference is whether those actions energize you or actually leech energy away from you. Sometimes doing nothing can be very draining and sometimes physical exertion can actually give you more energy.

In nature, everything have their natural ebb and flow, their natural rhythm. Trees take their time to grow, flowers take their time to bloom. They do not rush and yet everything is accomplished. This patience and trust in the universe is very rare for man. We do not know what might happen to us tomorrow, we are afraid that will run out time. Neither do the animals nor the plants, yet they can be so chill. Why is it that man cannot trust and yet the seemingly lower intelligent species can? What do they know that we do not?

Such are some of the fascinating lessons from nature.

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