The Disassociation Technique

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I love seeing the world from a high vantage point. Like what I just described in my post, sometimes being high up allows you to see things for what it truly is. When I was up in the observatory tower preparing to take some shots of the city during the blue hour, I realized that even at this height, you can’t really see anyone clearly. I saw cars but I cannot even see the driver in the car. If ants are small and vulnerable, from this vantage point we seems to look like ants too. Another thought came into my mind, even an army of ants can cause great destruction; so can humanity as a whole destroy the Earth. There is great strength in numbers, no matter how small. Each person is a potential for love or destruction. One thing for sure is existence will never be the same just because you existed and it doesn’t matter how insignificant you think you are.

Taking in the wind and the sights, slowly witnessing the sun setting and lights turning on in Osaka city is such a wonderful experience. I am truly humbled by the experience and the grand scheme of all things.

The root of all suffering is an inflated ego. It is as simple as that but many people do not even understand what an ego is. To detach from the ego, one has to have a still and silent mind. It is very difficult for most people but an easier way to slowly explore this stillness is by working with the mind through visualization. Treat the mind as a friend, not as an enemy where there is always fighting and debating going on. You have the capability to show the mind the truth and in turn you will realize the truth.

“To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.”

Lao Tzu

A little example of how you can use your mind as a tool and not let it use you instead is by first looking at the mind objectively. Notice that you have a wonderful tool that let you imagine all kind of sights and even sounds. If you have a bad situation with someone who either instills anger or fear in you, bring that person into your mind and notice how it feels in your body. Now by using the fabulous tool that the mind is, turn the image of the person into black and white, maybe add a little monochromatic sepia to make it look wonderful. Add a nice frame around him or her and hang it on a wall. Push the wall further back so that picture frame becomes smaller. Turn on the spotlights and shine it on the picture. Realize how you feel about him or her now. For some effect maybe you can add some party popper into the scene.

Whatever you are feeling now is always a product of imagination from the mind; the truth is that which is happening outside the boundaries of your mind in your reality now. The mind is causing you to think that you are the ego itself because the mind is the ego. To be someone or somebody in this world is to prove the worth of your existence. In order to prove this existence, something has to be right or wrong because without it, the perceived you cannot exist. This results in the slow destruction of our planet as wars goes on raging in the world, fighting for conviction and personal gain; even if it is not happening in your physical reality, war goes on raging between minds to prove who is right and wrong. In this way it spreads like a disease because we didn’t know how to work with the mind.

We have a ego so big that the world seems to evolve around us but from the world’s standpoint, we are so small and vulnerable.

Have you ever looked out of the window when the plane took off high above ground? Notice how we don’t even see all the people down there. They became so small like ants and they just simply disappear when we go higher. I imagined what this would look like from the eyes of the creator, if the creator indeed stays on a higher plane of existence. We have an ego so big that the world seems to evolve around us but from the world’s standpoint, we are so small and vulnerable. There are a million ways to die as human beings, sometimes death can just take us simply through walking and falling down. Being as big as the ego tells you is an illusion. It sounds harsh but I am interested in only seeking the truth—death is something we have to face at one point or another. When we realize all these and embrace it, stillness arises as a result. In that stillness, you become one with existence. You become one with nothingness or space. From nothingness, life springs forward and you can finally create from that place because all creations stems from nothing. Ego is knowledge and knowledge is boundary. How can you recreate your life when you think you already know everything there is to know?

It is easy to fall back into the thinking trap. The cycle of thinking begins again when we start judging; judging others for who they are, judging things for their aesthetics value. When there is judgement, there can be no love because  judgement is the knowledge of thinking you already knew; there is no more space for love, for curiosities and for wonders. It is ironical to judge someone thinking that you know them but nobody really knows anybody, the only one that truly knows is the one going through the experiences in his or her own life.

The Disassociation Technique helps to bring one back into awareness again by simply seeing from a detached viewpoint; seeing from the point of view as the observer. It is best used at the end of the day before going to sleep. What I do to bring the Disassociation Technique to another level is to imagine myself drifting off to sleep and I start to slowly rise from my body. I see myself sleeping as I float out of the body and continue to float higher and higher, out through the rooftop of my apartment and my body became further and further away. I rise even higher, losing track of my home and start to see the vicinity of my whole neighborhood. Continue rising, I can even see the whole region of my country and before I know it, I see the whole earth while floating in outer space. It is a truly beautiful viewpoint and the realization that we are so small and yet part of the whole revitalize me. Taking in the scene of the Earth with its wonderful colors and lights in front of me and learning the lessons through the observation is the goal. When it is done, I will reverse and float back down into Earth, into the atmosphere back down to my apartment and into my body. I will continue to drift into sleep with that new-found understanding. It is truly a humbling experience. Just changing your point of view changes everything.

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