The Isolated Temple of Doom

 In Ornamentation, Travelscapes

This frame taken at Tokyo DisneySea is one of those weird compositions that I happen to take. At first glance it feels empty due to the large amount of negative space, and yet the frame is full of interesting elements. It might be this relationship of something and nothing that makes me find this piece alluring.

I tend to favor different styles when shooting wildlife versus landscapes, and sometimes it is not apparent to me until I review my shots later. For wildlife I like to go as tight and as close as possible to emphasize on their presence. It might not always be feasible because of certain situations and the limited reach of my gear. For landscapes and travel shots, I tend to do the opposite and go as wide as I can, sometimes forgoing the intricate details that a close up shot can offer.

There are so many choices you can make to define your style, in some ways that also defines your voice and what you see in the world. It is never fixed though and that is what makes photography special—it will always be an ongoing journey of discovery.

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