The Lone Chimpanzee

 In Fauna

When I observe the subjects I photograph, I can’t help but feel that they share the same emotions as us. It is like we can feel whether they are sad or happy. The truth is that we will never know. We will always be interpreting what we see through our own thoughts and experiences. If we were to see tears, we cannot really decipher whether those are tears of joy or that of sadness. This photo of a chimpanzee is my own interpretation. I felt a sense of loneliness and isolation from him towards the rest of the pack.

The point is we can never truly understand another being, we are just guessing most of the time. Unless I am a chimpanzee, there is no way I can really tell how he feels. Most of us don’t even know ourselves, what more can be said of others? All of the misunderstandings in the world is caused by quick judgment. Judgment is just an initial impression of observing another through the filtering of words in our minds. The meaning of these words we give ourselves is the cause of all our pain and suffering. Words are really a feeble attempt to try to understand another and we misunderstand the meaning of words all the time.

Recently I came across the phrase “We are not dependent on each other, we are not independent of each other…we are interdependent.”

When you judge another, you are not only judging him, it extends to people who are also connected with him. What affects one will affect all the people around him. When you hurt one, you are hurting all his friends and family that he comes into contact with. Energy spreads and nothing spreads like negative energy. That is why bad news travels fast, no one is concern about the affairs of a normal and happy person. You don’t get to read much news about a happy person going about in his daily life. By punishing someone, you are actually punishing everyone who is associated with him, more or less.

We tend to think that when we hurt someone, it is only directed towards that particular person. When that person is hurt, people that love and care for him will feel hurt too. It is just the way things are—that interconnectedness.

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