The Meaning of Life

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I have never seen so much white flowers together at one spot in my whole life—it is insanely beautiful.

The flowers knew no meaning but I gave it my own. I told myself that they are beautiful, they didn’t know any better. They just are—growing, blooming, swaying with the breeze. I didn’t understand the mechanics of flowers, how they do what they do but there is no need. The resulting scenery is all that matters.

It is times like these that meaning comes of its own accord: I witness something beautiful, the love for wanting to share beautiful things makes me want to capture the moment. It then became my nature to do this as I felt compelled to create my art for expression. It resulted in the creation of these photos; you will have your own meaning as a viewer but it would be a great bonus should we both see the same beauty as a part of humanity in our beautiful world.

If what I do changes any of your perception towards seeing life in a different way, then that in itself is a beautiful and meaningful thing.

What is the meaning of life? This is one big question that eventually most of us will get to ask at one point or another. Why am I here in life to do all these things that I do? Does it matter to anybody? Will there be a difference with or without my existence? I realized I have asked myself these questions at certain points in my life especially when things didn’t turn out as planned. This happens more often in mid-life, where one starts contemplating when he has been on the journey of life for some time.

“Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. It is a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer.”

Joseph Campbell

The reason we didn’t think about life’s big questions sooner when we were young is because we had no past and only the future is in front of us. We felt that we were young and energetic; we are going to live a long life, there was no hurry and there isn’t a need for the questions. When we get older and especially when death is upon us, we are left with the past and not so much future to think about. The only thing left to do is to look back on who we once were and reminisce about our past achievements. Mid-life is the best time for self-reflection because we have a little time left in the future and having the past forged us into who we are, it made us a little wiser and gave us a little more understanding about our purpose.

While seeking the truth behind the question of meaning, the irony is I realized the folly of even asking the question in the first place.

Most of the time when a question like this surface, it usually happens when we are in a state of depression or agony. It is when things are not going well, we question our motives and our meaning. Similarly if we are having the time of our life, there is no need to ask because we are too distracted with the joys of life to bother.

In short, when we are asking, we are not living. It is a trap we fall into all the time. The cycle just goes on repeating itself when situations go bad. I can spend my whole life searching for the answer to meaning, it just meant that my whole life is wasted on searching and not living. The problem comes only when we are attached with time and thinking about the past or the future. If we are living in the moment, there is no need for questions. Existence is all there is—it is what it is.

When you live in totality, there is no need for meaning, the meaning will arise on its own accord and it will be beautiful.

When we live in the moment, there is only so much we can do. It is either you are walking or talking or breathing. It becomes simpler and simpler. When it becomes so simple, you will understand that there is really no question about the best thing you can do in each moment. If it is the best decision you can make according to the situation, you would have already done it.

Understand that the question of meaning arises out of fear—the fear of death. The only reason we are afraid is because of the fear of not living up to our greatest potential before death. It could have been more but it isn’t. The what ifs then arises but it is too late. We hoped that we were a little braver. We weren’t courageous enough to walk the path we wanted and when its time to leave, we regretted not having the could haves.

The could haves come in the form of experiences. Experiences that were dropped because of living too much in the head. We craved for love from someone who doesn’t care but fail to realized those who care are just by our side. We are jealous because someone has a bigger car and we fail to see how much work our little car has done for us. We are looking at someone else castle and do not realized that we don’t need so much space to be happy. Living in the mind makes us blind to reality and experiencing existence.

When you are living in existence to life, the body is all you really need to experience anything; realize that you are the consciousness behind the body, not the mind. Consciousness doesn’t care about meaning, the mind does. Consciousness cares about experiencing and to experience is to live in totality. When you live in totality, there is no need for meaning, the meaning will arise on its own accord and it will be beautiful—beautiful in a sense that you would have effortlessly created meaning for yourself and others.

So please do yourself a favor, go out there and live. You do not understand the miracle that you are. If you do, you will not waste a moment of your life. Life being the most precious gift that is granted to you for free and the least you could do is to honor it, not trying to decipher and analyze about what it means. Open up your eyes and look around, there is so much cause for celebration and if your life is a cause for celebration, isn’t that meaningful enough?

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